The New Royalty Cinema

C4A 2019 Certificate 750pxCinema returned to Bourne End with the opening of The New Royalty Cinema in 2018. This Community Cinema project has monthly screenings in the May Woollerton Hall at Bourne End Community Centre. Everyone is welcome and tickets can be purchased online or in advance at the Community Centre Office or on the door if seats are available.

The New Royalty received commendation in the Cinema For All Film Society of the Year Awards 2018 and again in 2019 for Best New Society. As we are no longer "new" we cannot be commended again!

The New Royalty Cinema is a Community Cinema run by volunteers from Bourne End Community Association. The New Royalty Cinema is a member of Cinema For All and is a fund raising event for Bourne End Community Association.

2021 season

Jan - May - cancelled
Sunday 13th June - 42nd Street (PG)
Sunday 27th June - 42nd Street (PG)
Sunday 18th Jul - Emma. (PG)
Sunday 15th Aug - Philomena (12)
Sunday 19th Sept - to be confirmed
Sunday 17th Oct - to be confirmed
Sunday 21st Oct - to be confirmed
Thursday 30th Dec - to be confirmed







20191206 Airplane poster

As part of the Bourne End Fun Night on Friday 6th December The New Royalty will be screening "Airplane!" - often voted the funniest film of all times. This is a film for all ages to laugh at, it seamlessly blends all types of humour from mundane slap-stick to cultural satire that might fly (no pun intended) right over one's head. Bring your kids, bring your parents - this is a fun film for everyone!! 

TheNewRoyaltyCinema Logo Colour balancedbordersBelow are the audiences' ratings of the films that we have screened. As they leave the cinema each member of the audience is invited to drop a counter into a box to indicate what they thought of the film they had just seen. Below are the results




20191122 Lion

A five-year old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometres from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia. 20 years later, Saroo starts remembering his long-lost family in India. He makes up his mind to reunite with them, no matter how difficult his journey gets.

20190926 Stan and Ollie Stan and Ollie documents the lesser-known twilight years of the comedy geniuses, Laural and Hardy; aging and fading from the public eye, they embark on a tour of Britain in order to raise funds for a big movie break to bring them back in the limelight.


20191027 MotOE

When was the last time Hollywood gave us a true old school style "whodunit" type of film? These types of stories, where a detective is presented with a crime scene and figures it all out with just their intellect and powers of observation have always made great cinema.

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