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Target magazine was launched in 1964 to provide information about the new Bourne End Community Association. Over the years the magazine has grown and its distribution area has been extended as the local populations has expanded through Bourne End, Wooburn Green, and the surrounding villages.

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Lots of boxes to make up 5,000 copies !

Bourne End Community Association was formed in 1962 by local people who wanted a social centre to meet the needs of a growing community. Fundraising and determination saw the Community Centre open in Wakeman Road on 28 October 1967. Another hall was added a few years later and constant improvements have been made over the years.

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Kathy is one of the volunteers


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Sheila counts the copies into bundles

Now each issue of Target has 40 pages with many of them in colour. Local groups and their activities feature strongly along with news about the people and places who form a vital part of a lively and interesting community. Advertisements for local businesses and services form the basis of the magazines financial support.

Each issue arrives at the Community Centre on the last Friday of alternate months. A team gets to work on bundling them for distribution. Over 100 willing volunteers are prepared to receive their bundle and their aim is to get the magazine through your door as soon as possible

Below are the 2024 copy deadlines for Target Magazine


Copy Date

Publication Date


Tuesday 2 Jan

Friday 26 Jan


Monday 4 Mar

Thursday 28Mar


Tuesday 7 May

Friday 31 May


Monday 1 Jul

Friday 26 Jul


Monday 2 Sep

Friday 27 Sep


Monday 4 Nov

Friday 29 Nov

For further information please contact the Target Magazine Editor if you will have a problem meeting any of the above copy deadlines.

If you are a local business interesting in advertising in Target please click here for the 2024 advertising rates

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