20201112 Bletchley Park

Michael Kushner makes a welcome return in November with a talk entitled "The Journey to Station X" which covers the history of Bletchley Park and formation of signals intelligence up to and throughout WW2. This is an online talk via Zoom.


The story of Bletchley Park started to emerge in the mid-1970s. The work done at Bletchley probably shortened WWII by two years. In the later stages of the war it is said that Bletchley Park knew more about German military intelligence than the German high command. Join us on Zoom to hear this fascinating story. Book your tickets and you will be sent the link to the talk.

Michael Kushner talks on many aspects of espionage and ciphers relating WW2. He previously gave a centreTalk on Spies, Lies and Double Cross Agents.



20201112 Bletchley Park


Thursday 12th November 2020 at 20:00 via Zoom. Tickets £4 available online only. Tickets are not available from the Community Centre Office

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