dixswk thumbn“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”. centreJazz restarts on 6th July 2021in the May Woollerton Hall with a return visit from the celebrated Dixieland Swing Kings.


 “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”. The Swing Kings have it in abundance - so come and join the fun and hear some great music - solid stonking stuff.  In the May Woollerton Hall starting at eight o’clock. Entry only £7.

Government COVID-19 restrictions will apply - see below. Numbers are limited and entry is only by pre-booked tickets. Click on the link below to purchase your tickets.






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centreJazz is held each month at Bourne End Community Centre. All welcome.
centreJazz is a fund-raising activity of Bourne End (Bucks) Community Association.

COVID-19 social distancing requirements - please read before making a purchase

If we are still in step-3 of the government roadmap for easing social distancing then each booking is for 1 to 6 people and all people covered by the booking will be seated together at a single table. If you are booking less than 6 seats no other bookings will be taken for that table so NO ONE ELSE WILL SIT AT YOUR TABLE. If you wish to book more than 6 seats then you will need to make multiple bookings of up to 6 people in each. 

It is currently a legal requirement that all people attending must wear a face mask or shield. We will attempt to seat any person with a legal exemption 2m from other tables but this cannot be guaranteed. It is also a legal requirement to provide your contact details when entering the Community Centre. This will be done as part of the ticket booking process. When you enter just give your name so we can confirm that you have arrived.

Drinks may be ordered from your table and will be brought to you with payment by Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, preferably contactless. No cash will be accepted. You will have no access to the bar.
Do not arrive at the venue before 19:40. Entrance will be via the side door to the right of the Target Room, please observe the distancing markings on the floor. Everyone must use the hand sanitiser provided on entry. Do not enter the Centre via the foyer. If wet please wait in your car and/or bring an umbrella - you will not be able to enter the foyer to keep dry.

On arrival do not join the queue until everyone who will sit at your table has arrived, everyone sitting on your table should queue together. Your party will be assigned a table to sit at by our volunteers. No negotiation on table allocation will be entered into. This is to ensure we get people seated as safely as possible. Once seated you should not leave your table until event has finished, you will be given instructions on when to leave by our volunteers. The May Woollerton Hall has separate toilet facilities. There will be no access to the toilets in the foyer.

We apologise for the above requirements but they are for the safety of everyone attending and for our volunteers. Please bring your own paper and pen in case you wish to provide feedback which we encourage.

Bourne End Community Centre is a COVID-19 Secure building.


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