Harvey Watson WW1 London ZepellinSorry you have missed this centreTalk. 'Death from Above' - Zeppelin raids in the 1st World War is a talk by Harvey Watson. When the 1st World War began in 1914 for the first time warfare spread to a new dimension as both sides used aeroplanes and airships to spy on the enemy.

Fingerprints To DNA Sorry you have missed this centreTalk.The development of fingerprinting and the use of DNA in crime solving.



The Kings Head Pub SignThis is the next centreTalk "Pub Crawl - The Taverns of England" by Vic Botterill. It’s nice to go for a drink in a traditional pub. Have you ever wondered why so many have unusual signs?

Ralph Durbridge ArcticSorry you have missed this centreTalk. Ralph Durbridge's life and expedition experience from the Brecon Beacons to British Guyana, from the heat and humidity of the jungle to the frozen Arctic.

20180308 centreTalk Mike Payne Pinewood

Sorry you have missed this centreTalk. Pinewood studios are where James Bond and Harry Potter were filmed but this was also where Genevieve, The Red Shoes, The Da Vinci Code and many Carry On films were made. Hear Mike Payne tell about the history of these world famous studios.

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