20210318 pompeiiIn March The Muddy Archaelogist, Gillian Hovell, will talk about Pompeii: A Product of its Time. An exploration of how the art and artefacts found in the homes and streets of Roman Pompeii reveal life 2,000 years ago. The talk is on Thursday 18th March 2021 at 20:00. This is an online talk delivered via Zoom.


Although Pompeii was buried in the tragedy of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption on 24th August AD 79, a thoroughly modern world is revealed, one full of material goods and works of art, in which craftsmanship and artistry were draped around the Romans themselves and amidst their everyday lives. We explore how the Empire provided materials and the opportunity for this wealth of art to be accessible to more people than ever before. Its survival gives us a glimpse of the Roman Empire, in all its vastness, and reveals how Pompeii’s burial captured a moment in time when the Empire was a multicultural, vibrant and growing power that reached into the lives of everyone, rich or poor.


20201210 Panto and Music Hall 

Gillian Hovell is an award-winning writer, lover of latin, ancient historian, prehistorian and Muddy Archaeologist. She is a lecturer at the British Museum & York University.

20210318 Gillian Hovell in Pompeii 450px

Gillian, not so muddy, working in Pompeii

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Thursday 18th March 2021 at 20:00 via Zoom. Tickets £5 available online only. Tickets are not available from the Community Centre Office

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