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The first screening at The New Royalty Cinema was sold out about a week beforehand. Thank you to everyone for your support, it was a great night to see the May Woollerton Hall full for the screening of Victoria and Abdul. Thank you to all the volunteers who have made this a real Community Cinema event.


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The New Royalty Cinema

Looking forward to April 22nd now with Viceroy's House. This will be a Sunday afternoon screening with tea and cakes.

20180323 Victoria And Abdul

Victoria and Abdul

Date:Fri 23 Mar 2018 Start: 20:00
Cert: PG Dir: Stephen Frears
Length: 112 mins Genre: Historical Drama

Judi Dench, Michael Gambon, Olivia Williams, Ali Fazal

Tickets £5. Tickets can be booked online (click below) or from the Community Centre office

Currently No Tickets Available





Victoria and Abdul

Abdul Karim arrives from India to participate in Queen Victoria's golden jubilee. The young clerk is surprised to find favor with the queen herself. As Victoria questions the constrictions of her long-held position, the two forge an unlikely and devoted alliance that her household and inner circle try to destroy. As their friendship deepens, the queen begins to see a changing world through new eyes, joyfully reclaiming her humanity.


The New Royalty Cinema screenings are at the centreCinema in Bourne End Community Centre, Wakeman Road, Bourne End SL8 5SX

Tickets can be bought online (follow the link in the film summary on this page) or from the Community Centre office or on the door (subject to availability)

For information on the BBFC film classifications: Click Here

The New Royalty Cinema is a community cinema and is run by volunteers as a fund-raising event for Bourne End (Bucks) Community Association, a charity registered in England and Wales No. 300236

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