20211121 - Billy Elliott

Stephen Daldry's first film is charming, funny at times, dramatic, tragic, and in the end, brilliant. Billy Elliot will be screened on Sunday 21st November 2021 at 14:30.



Billy Elliot

Date: Sunday 21 Nov 2021                                                                     Start: 14:30 (doors open 14:00)                                                                        
Cert: 15 Dir: Stephen Daldry
Length: 113 mins Genre: Drama, Musical

Stars:  Jamie Bell, Jamie Draven, Jean Heywood, Julie Walters, Gary Lewis

Tickets £7
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 Jamie Bell leads a strong cast, all giving affecting and moving performances, and delivers an excellent script by Lee Hall. What i loved best about the movie was the bittersweet quality to it, an element that really brings the film to life, as well as bringing the viewer closer to the characters. This is a movie that has stays with you, not necessarily for depth of storyline or complexity(the story was fairly simple, yet moving) or even because of the moral of the story, but because it is different, it was uplifting, and the characters, just to be frank, grow on you. This is the story about a boy who succeeds in making his dream come true under difficult conditions. The boy's father makes his son Billy go to a boxing school because he wants his son to be strong man. However, Billy saw the girls who learn ballet by chance. He always likes dancing with songs in his home more than hitting people such as boxing or wrestling. He decides to join the ballet lesson in secrecy and his ballet teacher recommends him to go to ballet school in London. When his father finds out that his son learning ballet, he becomes very angry. At the beginning of the film, the family's bond is weak and looks fragile, but gradually they are reunited with each other. Overall, a sensational film that will stay with you. Go Billy!

20211121 - Billy Elliot

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