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As part of the Bourne End Fun Night on Friday 6th December The New Royalty will be screening "Airplane!" - often voted the funniest film of all times. This is a film for all ages to laugh at, it seamlessly blends all types of humour from mundane slap-stick to cultural satire that might fly (no pun intended) right over one's head. Bring your kids, bring your parents - this is a fun film for everyone!! 


Date: Friday 6 Dec 2019     Start: 20:00 (doors open 19:30)
Cert: PG Dir: Jim Abrahams, David and Jerry Zucker
Length: 89 mins Genre: Comedy

Stars:  Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Peter Graves, Lloyd Bridges, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Tickets £5. Tickets can be booked online (click below) or from the Community Centre office.

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Some of the cultural satire is timeless, such as when Joey recognizes Kareem Abdul Jabbar playing the co-pilot who then denies that he is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. On paper, explaining the jokes makes the movie sound dull and lifeless, but you will be laughing all the way through the movie. Once you have seen the movie, you will not be able to stop quoting it and you will start asking not to be called Shirley.

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Kids and adults can enjoy this movie together because it has the non sequitur humor kids love combined with the cultural references that adults adore. Various types of humor abound in this movie, such as an airplane tail-fin swooping back and forth through the clouds to emulate the 1975 thriller Jaws, Striker's "drinking problem", and the lady translating Jive for the stewardess is sure to have everybody's laugh box hurting. You will never forget the bar fight and the dancing to the Bee Gees - Shirley not!!!

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The New Royalty Cinema screenings are at the centreCinema in Bourne End Community Centre, Wakeman Road, Bourne End SL8 5SX

Tickets can be bought online (follow the link in the film summary on this page) or from the Community Centre office or on the door (subject to availability)

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