20190608 mamma mia - here we go againMamma Mia! Here We Go Again is both a prequel and a sequel to the original film showing us Donna's life before Sophie was born and Sophie's life after her mother has passed on. This screening is part of the Community Centre's Open Day on 8th June. It starts earlier at 19:00 with a BBQ from 17:00 (extra charge). This is a Sing-Along screening, we'll provide the words, ready for you to join in with all your favourite ABBA songs!

Mamma Mia - Here We Go Again

Date: Saturday 8 June 2019     Start: 19:00 (doors open 17:00)
Cert: PG Dir: Ol Parker
Length: 114 mins Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance

Stars:  Amanda Seyfried, Andy Garcia, Lily James, Julie Walters, Christine Baranski, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Dominic Cooper, Cher

Tickets £5. Tickets can be booked online (click below) or from the Community Centre office. BBQ for an extra charge on the day.

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We see the younger versions of Sam, Bill, Harry, Tanya, Rosie and Donna and how they met up on the Island. Lily James as young Donna is perfect! We see the story of the three dads from the first movie, but now we are able to see how it could have happened. The films starts slowly but then the rhythm picks up and the humour kicks in. There are a lot laughs and enjoyable scenes as old flames and the back story of "Donna" (Meryl Streep) is brought to life.

It's hard to make a good sequel because as always, it is measured against the original, but in this sequel, the empathy, the character build up, the emotional tone, doesn't decrease, it just gets bigger. This is a fun film, a happy film, one that gets you tapping your feet, and, might even get you to tear-up at the end.


20190608 mamma mia - here we go again


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