The New Royalty Cinema Screen thumbnailThe New Royalty Cinema LogoThe New Royalty, Bourne End's new community cinema, has got off to a flying start. With attendance of 226 in the three pilot screenings of Victoria and Abdul in March, Viceroy's House in April and Dunkirk in May so far we are well above the average for community cinemas1.


Feedback from those attending gave The New Royalty an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on Initial Welcome, Seating, Sound, Picture, Ambience and likelyhood to recommend to others.

"Attendances and feedback are very encouraging", said Cinema chair Dave Foster "we have a good team of around a dozen volunteers running the cinema and the success is due to all their hard work over the past six months or so."

The New Royalty Cinema Darkened Hall

The New Royalty set up complete with stage banners, uplights
and table lamps giving an art deco feel to the Cinema

The feedback (63% of attendees responded) shows the following ratings:

Category Rating (out of 5)
Welcome 4.5
Seating 4.2
Sound 4.3
Picture 4.5
Overall Ambience 4.4
Likely to recommend 4.4
Overall 4.4

The original seating in the May Woollerton Hall was known to be a problem before the cinema started. 50 new chairs have been purchased through a grant received from the Co-Op. Plans are in place to purchase more new chairs. The seating rating rose from 4.0 (the lowest of all the ratings received) in March to 4.3 in April and 4.6 in May. After the March screenings we purchased cushions for the older chairs and we also changed from having seating mixed with half around tables and the rest in rows to having all the seats around tables.

Film-goers have also provided feedback on popular refreshments and preferred films.

The comments we have received include
"Very good to have a local cinema"
"Friendly and great admosphere"
"Out of this world"
"Community spirit"
"Relaxed atmosphere"
"Everyone could see"
"Fab event"
"had the feel of an old picture house"

The New Royalty Cinema Screen and stage banners

Screen and stage banners for The New Royalty Cinema.
The screen links to the past showing the original Royalty Cinema on The Parade.

The films are screened in HD using a new ceiling mounted projector in the May Woollerton Hall at Bourne End Community Centre. The hall can be completely blacked out which, along with the film projected at over 5,000 lumens brightness, gave the picture quality as one of the highest audience ratings.

"The attendances and feedback have given the team the reassurance that there is a demand for a community cinema in Bourne End" said Community Association Secretary Myra Hurley, " we are now planning a full season of films to run from September through to May next year".

The films for the 2018/19 season will be published on a rolling 3 month basis. This will enable the inclusion of suitable films just "off release" into a varied program.

Details of the program for Sept, Oct and Nov will be published in the next few weeks.

  1 Source - Cinema For All 2017 survey shows 67% of community cinemas had an average attendence of 60 or less. The New Royalty currently has an average attendance of 75.

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