20171021 BECC50Anniversary PictureBoards Gold bunting, gold balloons and people enjoying tea from vintage cups. Celebrations had started to recall 50 years since the Community Centre was built and opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire. There were moments to look back, remember and delight in a building that had grown bigger and provided space for thousands of occasions.


For the afternoon tea and cake older members looked back at the opening, then the years following as the Centre confirmed its position in the village. In a series of picture boards those years were recorded and it was good to recognise faces. “Great times with the promise of more great times” was Association Chairman David Foster’s view on the tea party.

20171021 BECC50Anniversary TheKeynotes

The Keynotes performing as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations

In the evening the music of the sixties kept everyone dancing, tapping their toes, clapping their hands and singing along. “Just incredible that they know all the words” Laura Manning, who was one of the organisers, said as she watched her grandparents dancing the night away. Anniversaries should be celebrated and remembered – just like the inspiration that created and built a Community Centre – fifty years ago!

20171021 BECC50Anniversary PictureBoards

Some of the picture boards showing events from the Community Centre's first 50 years

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