target v53i5 201710 frontcoverHard-hitting front page story on housing plans with New Local Plan is balanced with pictures and story celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Community Centre. More issues continue on page two with an interview on the future of Bourne End Day Centre as Fremantle indicate their intention to leave.

Local band, Casual Madness, feature on page 10 with a line-up of talented youngsters. Art on stones is the story on page 11 with the advice to keep a lookout for items decorated by local artist Nick Cooke.





Pages 14 and 15 are all about the Community Centre with memories galore and posters advertising October events to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Don’t miss them!

Christmas lights feature on page three as Wooburn Residents Association give details of their evening in the village. Marina Life is on page six with an insight into the out-of-season life on the river. Two Take your Target pictures are on page nine.

Shirley Mansfield has retired from Mothers and Toddlers now that she is 80. Page 24 is all about the new management team at the Garibaldi and their plans for the community pub in the village they love. Then it’s all about final events in the Wooburn Festival on pages 26 and 27.


target v53i5 201710 frontcover

George Parker’s family check out his memorial bench at the Community Centre on page 28 and reckon it’s perfect. Feel sure George would agree. There’s now a memorial seat up at Hedsor Church remembering Dinnie and Edward Hawthorne on page 30.

Past Times celebrates life on the River Thames when Bourne End was the place to visit during the summer months. All the other features as usual and the 100th Quiz to fulfil a dream for a local couple.


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