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Fun Night was the front page story as the issue appeared a week in advance of the event. Tyler Baldwin aged 11 from The Meadows School in Wooburn Green designed the new light and was ready to ‘switch on’ his design and start this occasion which is the highlight of the village’s calendar. Also on the front was news of the proposal to merge two nhs surgeries and asking patients to make their comments. More about that in a future issue of the community magazine.





An appeal on page two asked readers to pay for their copy of Target as making advertising revenue fit production costs was proving difficult. Businesses were deciding to use social media to publicise what they have to offer.

On page 7 there were memories of the first Carol Concert, back in 1978, and inviting everyone to support the 40th which would be on Sunday 17 December at 7.45pm in the community centre. Singers to be part of the choir are still needed.

Cinema is making a return to Bourne End and this time it will be in the Community Centre. Read all about the plans on page 13 as the glory days of the movies make a welcome return. Pages 14 and 15 celebrate the 50th anniversary of the building and opening of the Community Centre. An afternoon tea and then music from the sixties in the evening combined to make it a memorable occasion.

Former Target advertiser Dan Cloran will be hosting music classes at the centre in the new year. On offer will be a wide range of instruments and styles of music will be varied. It’s all happening on Wednesdays from 4 – 7pm. The Queen’s Award for voluntary service has been given to the Ian Rennie Group. Volunteers from their shop on The Parade posed for a group photo on page 24 after a special presentation of their award in the library.


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Now close to 100 Mollie Smith from Orchard House was featured on page 27 along with the news that she would be playing bridge on her special birthday in January. Other parties are also planned. Past Times on page 34 features the hamlet of Berghers Hill above Wooburn. It is a great local community and many of its homes date back many hundreds of years. There’s more to tell so look out in a future issue.

All the usual features, lots of activities to note on the Community Centre pages and a full calendar on page 39. A new competition on page 40 will make you look back through this issue.



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