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Choice of stories on the front page from an 81-year-old author to a tea party and a couple of runners making you look inside. On page two there’s a football team from 1923 with all the names. Someone’s grandfather or uncle is sure to be there.

Trout were reared by the parish council this year and then released into the River Wye. They were a good size so should have been able to cope and grow larger. On pages 10 and 11 there are pictures from fetes at Wooburn and Hedsor to remind everyone what great days they were.




On page 12 Linda from Breeze bids farewell to business life in Bourne End and looks forward to retirement after 15 years in fashion. Pages 14 and 15 have memories of the library celebrations for their 50th anniversary.

Talented young people from Bourne End Academy feature on page 16 with inspiration provided by a former student who is now on course for his master’s degree. St Paul’s Church at Wooburn raised funds for a school in Kenya while Hawkinsport celebrate their 50th anniversary with a fund raising challenge.

target v53i3 201706 frontcover

Details of Wooburn Festival appear on page 27 with some interesting talks and opera at the Community Centre in October. Past Times on page 34 features the oldest steam launch on the River Thames and she was built at Bourne End in1883.

Lots more inside the issue and a quiz on the back page with a free meal at The Falcon in Wooburn plus Penny’s mystery prize. So start finding the connections.


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