target v53i3 201706 frontcoverA potential Olympian, and member of the sports club, graces the front page along with two cousins who were reunited on one of Jamie’s Tours. Some letters in response to the change in parking requirements are on page two. Bourne End Community Centre’s new website is featured on page 7 and there’s a plea from Forum Players on page 9 asking members to attend a crisis meeting.





An obituary for George Parker recalls his long life and his great involvement with the Community Centre and other groups. George will be missed and will be remembered with great affection. Margaret Williamson is remembered with great affection on page 18. Not only did she deliver bundles of Target magazine but she also went out a delivered the whole of Wooburn Town. Margaret was a lovely lady.

Brian and Viv Pollock have moved to North Bucks with some sadness and a whole heap of memories. It takes them closer to family but leaves them a little sad at their friends in Bourne End. Best wishes to them both. target v53i3 201706 frontcover

David Davis was made a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Cookham Bridge, see the story on page 31. Congratulations and grateful thanks for David’s involvement in Fun Night and a load of other local organisations. Past Times on page 34 features two ladies who both grew up in Loudwater, went their separate ways and were reunited in Bourne End. They had a lot of say about life in those days and are delighted to have met again after many years.

Lots more of course, many Summer events taking place in your local area. Enjoy them.


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