target v53i1 201702 frontcoverClosure of a village surgery makes front page news in the February and March issue of Target. Reassurance for the future comes from the Hawthornden Clinic that they are actively seeking new, all purpose, premises. Also on the front is a plea from a former head teacher that the planners should pause their housing ambitions and consider all the options.







Marina Life on page six tells readers about the humorous side of running a boating business and of their determination to ensure that bills are paid, no matter how long it takes.

On page ten there’s a review of Bourne End Academy’s production of Romeo and Juliet alongside the Flower Club’s national demonstrator who had an endless supply of anecdotes while creating sensational Christmas displays.

On page 23 there’s thanks galore to Peggy for her time as a volunteer with the Rennie Grove Hospice Care shop in Bourne End. At the same time they ask for more volunteers.

Westfield School features on page 26 as they receive a Rotary Club award for supporting Naomi Riches on her Row the Thames record. Naomi came along to talk to the children, show her Olympic medal and explain how dependent you were on help when you rowed with a sight disability.


target v53i1 201702 frontcover 450
Fun Night pictures are on page 28 and there’s lots. On page 30 there’s the new coffee shop proprietor who has a taste for mountaineering and on page 31 the children at St Paul’s School say a colourful farewell to their headteacher.

In Past Times on page 34 there’s memories of being a midwife and serving the NHS while on pages 36 and 37 the community centre news includes pictures from Babes in the Wood which was Forum Players panto for 2017. Plus lots more in the first issue of the 53rd year of publication for this community magazine.