target v54i6 2018 December front cover

After a great Fun Night you’ll find there’s much more to read in this issue which goes into 2019. On page 10 there are pictures from the special tea party organised to remember the end of the First World War with plenty of flag waving and lots of memories.









There’s a challenge on page 11 with details of a picture found in a charity shop and recalling the great days of Bourne End Regatta at the Upper Thames Sailing Club. It also shows Colonel Fitzroy Clayton as the club’s Commodore watching the racing.

On page 17 there’s news of a new lady gracing the walls of The Welcome in Wooburn Town and further evidence of the creative talent of Dennis Lowe who describes her as the epitome of that kind of magical emotion as in a one-way love affair.

News of a book written by former Target editor Andy West appears on page 23 and he explains the magic that is Lionel Messi. Family doctor Sarah Buxton’s retirement tea party is chronicled on page 24. Then on page 27 there are details of art classes at the Community Centre.

target v54i6 2018 December front cover

On page 28 the U3A are presented with their Certificate of Affiliation and go onwards with over 400 members keen to attend a huge variety of interest groups as well as the regular monthly meetings with a speaker.

Pedr’s travel diary on page 31 tells of some of the extreme places he has visited as he cycles through Afghanistan but his report has a sobering twist at the end – keep reading to the final.

Past Times on page 34 is a history of Cores End United Reformed Church dating back to its founding in 1768 – all in celebration of their 250th anniversary.

With all the usual features – details of what’s on at the Community Centre and a great quiz to test the mind – it’s a good issue to see in 2019.

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