target v54i2 2018 June front cover

Thanks from Target to those who responded to our appeal and paid for the magazine. The royal wedding also featured with the 2nd Bourne End Brownies holding a tea party in celebration for family and friends.


Parish council prizewinners feature on page 9 as they collect certificates from chairman Sue Wagner. Tina Davies from LG Hardware supports Wycombe Wanderers and she had the honour of taking the match ball onto the pitch at the start of the game against Cambridge.






All the fun of the fairs are on page 15 with posters for Hedsor Fair and Wooburn Fête. Similar fund raising summer events will be taking place around our villages during the months of June and July. Don’t miss out on what they offer, the fun, games, workshops and lots more.

Sporting awards were made to students from Bourne End Academy on page 23. At the same time there were Emerald Celebrations for the Flower Club as they chalked up 55 years of modern and classic flower arrangements. And tables, helpers, bunting as well as the cake had an emerald hue.

Regular reports were the theme of what makes Target a great community magazine on page 27. It also reminded readers that Marina Life started out tentatively with the thought that ‘we will see how it goes’. Now it’s often the first item to be read by countless readers.

target v54i2 2018 June front cover

Past Times on page 34 continues to look at the homes around Wooburn Town and those who made their mark around the village. Cinema features on the Community Centre pages with lots of happy faces among both helpers and movie-goers.

All the regular features and reports along with The Falcon Quiz on the theme of Summertime.



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