target v54i2 2018 April front cover

New Neighbourhood Plan features on the front with some WI daffodils made from recycled drink cans. More flowers, snowdrops this time, are pictured in the Wooburn Residents Association’s report on page four. News about the formation of a local branch of the U3A is on page 9 so expect more reports from them in the future.








Flower Club report is on page14 with pictures featuring cinema musicals. Lots of fun, usherettes and free ice-creams for the audience. It was a great evening. On page 23 there’s an appeal to use the Day Care Centre from local resident Jean Peasley along with a report on the day they welcomed the coffee morning regulars.

On page 27 there’s an article about how Target goes about finding stories to feature in the magazine. It’s something that Target does well. Then on page 28 we read that Cores End United Reformed Church will be celebrating 250 years in 2018. So more news of their events in future issues through the year.


target v54i2 2018 April front cover

Past Times on page 34 highlights a house in Wooburn Town with details of former owners and asking questions about who might have built such a dwelling among a hamlet of small cottages. Sir John Thomas from Soho Mill was one former owner.

Then there’s all the regular features and reports you expect from the community magazine.



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