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target v56i5 202010

Movies and their return to the New Royalty Cinema at the Community Centre take top billing on the front page of this autumn issue. Also, and sadly, the news that there will be no Fun Night is a disappointment for the community. We just have to keeping on looking forward and into 2021 for a return to our normal life.

target v56i3 June 2020

Target for June/July is reduced to one page as we slowly move out of lockdown and are advised to stay alert. Read about the great things that have been done by volunteers. Not a surprise as local people are always there for each other.




target v56i4 202008 100px

With absolute delight our community magazine returns to local homes and is greeted with great pleasure. The front page story tells readers that Bourne End Community Centre will reopen its doors on 1st September. At the same time Target has notched up over 300 issues in its 56 volumes.

target v56i6 202012

Shining Christmas Light for The Parade in Bourne End makes the headlines in this festive issue. Don’t miss out on the other front page snippets of festive fun especially the Christmas Greetings.





target v56i2 202004 100px

The April/May issue of Target can be read online. Due to the Corona virus it is not being distributed. The on-line version is the same as would have been distributed containing all the articles, reports from local clubs and societies and adverts from local businesses.

There will be no issue of Target for June/July. We hope to be able to publish the August/September issue but that will be dependent on when the lock-down ends.




target v56i1 202002 100px

 Honours and honoured feature on the front page with a Wooburn man receiving a British Citizen Award and a musical icon greeting a Bourne End man. Jon Dalton is the man with the honours while Target is honoured to have a photo of Sir Paul McCartney with his magazine on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles Abbey Road album.

target v55i6 201912 100px

Fun Night dominates the front page of this festive issue with lots of information about the big night. A change of location for the light countdown took the event to the Community Centre for safety. TV favourite Lorraine Kelly, along with the light designer Mia Groszmann, pressed the switch at 5.15pm.




target v55i5 2019 October

Making light of a major job features on the front page as Wye Valley Volunteers switch portacabins for a modern version sited alongside the Community Centre. The smiling face of the new bar steward will be a familiar one to many readers.

target v55i4 201908

Pictures on the front page offer smiley faces to set the scene for the summer. Then there’s library news and a stop press item to keep readers up-to-date with events. On page three the residents association strikes a serious note with news that their committee need volunteers to come forward and take over the running of the organisation.

target v55i3 201906

Invite to the Open Day is the top story in the latest issue. Everyone is welcome to see what is on offer and chat with those who use the Community Centre regularly. Increased car park charges and a one-off Sunday rate strike a more serious note while a running Mum is a colourful bonus.

target v55i2 2019 April

News of a sporting event on Wooburn Park is highlighted on the front page with smiles galore as Rick Accastello talks about the day he was an extra in the car chase on The Italian Job. As a member of Forum Players he will also be delighted to hear that their panto was a great success – read about it on page 4.

target 2019 Febnruary

Forum Players celebrated their 50th panto in 2019 and graced the front pages of Target along with a TV presenter and a walking fundraiser. Check out the new layout inside. An appeal on page 9 asks for volunteers to come forward and help in a variety of ways with the new cinema project at the Community Centre. The New Royalty Cinema has attracted sell-out audiences but has a variety of jobs that need to be done for a successful screening.


target v54i6 2018 December front cover

After a great Fun Night you’ll find there’s much more to read in this issue which goes into 2019. On page 10 there are pictures from the special tea party organised to remember the end of the First World War with plenty of flag waving and lots of memories.

target v54i5 201810 frontcover

News of future development on Slate Meadow is the main story on the front page. Then on page six there’s details of a new exercise class at the Community Centre which is supported by the county council and is encouraging more people to be active – even from a sitting position.

target v54i4 2018 August front cover

Bourne End Academy features on the front page as they take a step forward with a new controlling trust when the school returns in September. Then on page two there’s a picture of the memorial to post lady Sandra Stanton which is now sited in the library garden.


target v54i2 2018 June front cover

Thanks from Target to those who responded to our appeal and paid for the magazine. The royal wedding also featured with the 2nd Bourne End Brownies holding a tea party in celebration for family and friends.

target v54i2 2018 April front cover

New Neighbourhood Plan features on the front with some WI daffodils made from recycled drink cans. More flowers, snowdrops this time, are pictured in the Wooburn Residents Association’s report on page four. News about the formation of a local branch of the U3A is on page 9 so expect more reports from them in the future.



target v54i1 201802 frontcover

Front page of the issue is packed with smiley faces. They are at the day care centre which has appointed new service providers also in The Old Bell at a Christmas Lunch for Wooburn residents.

There's a snownote on page two along with an appeal to readers that they should pay for their Target and providing a special offer if readers sign up for two years.


target v53i6 201712 frontcover

Fun Night was the front page story as the issue appeared a week in advance of the event. Tyler Baldwin aged 11 from The Meadows School in Wooburn Green designed the new light and was ready to ‘switch on’ his design and start this occasion which is the highlight of the village’s calendar. Also on the front was news of the proposal to merge two nhs surgeries and asking patients to make their comments. More about that in a future issue of the community magazine.


target v53i5 201710 frontcoverHard-hitting front page story on housing plans with New Local Plan is balanced with pictures and story celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Community Centre. More issues continue on page two with an interview on the future of Bourne End Day Centre as Fremantle indicate their intention to leave.

Local band, Casual Madness, feature on page 10 with a line-up of talented youngsters. Art on stones is the story on page 11 with the advice to keep a lookout for items decorated by local artist Nick Cooke.


target v53i3 201706 frontcover

Choice of stories on the front page from an 81-year-old author to a tea party and a couple of runners making you look inside. On page two there’s a football team from 1923 with all the names. Someone’s grandfather or uncle is sure to be there.

Trout were reared by the parish council this year and then released into the River Wye. They were a good size so should have been able to cope and grow larger. On pages 10 and 11 there are pictures from fetes at Wooburn and Hedsor to remind everyone what great days they were.

target v53i3 201706 frontcoverA potential Olympian, and member of the sports club, graces the front page along with two cousins who were reunited on one of Jamie’s Tours. Some letters in response to the change in parking requirements are on page two. Bourne End Community Centre’s new website is featured on page 7 and there’s a plea from Forum Players on page 9 asking members to attend a crisis meeting.


target v53i2 201704 frontcoverWakeman Road’s car park features on the front page with changes in the way you pay for parking. As signs are limited and people unaware that there were problems with the previous system Target endeavours to help motorists and advise them on the new procedure before they drive and park.

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