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Warnings on the front page should alert parents, and youngsters, to the dangers of swimming in the river. Everyone should be aware that river swimming can have consequences.









On the same page there’s a picture of Daska Emery with one of her official letters relating to the award of a BEM in Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Honours. And there’s more information inside on page 3. Great news that the Bourne End Bridge Club will be restarting after a gap of 18 months. They cannot wait to meet, socialise and raise a glass of bubbly at their first meeting. See page 4.

Wooburn Festival has an advertisement on page 7 detailing their wonderful array of talent through September and October. Getting musicians to commit has been difficult but the team have persevered and are delighted at the prospect of a return to near normal. Please support them especially when Barefoot Opera make a welcome return to the stage at the Community Centre.

A second book for Diana Hudson was completed during lockdown and this time she highlights on different ways to approach science when you have to teach children with dyslexia. You’ll find the details on page 12.

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Then on page 14 former librarian Inka D’Agostino returns to Target with her picks of good reading for the summer holidays. Crime and travel predominate in this array of great reads. On page 17 there’s news of a potential development in Little Marlow which would open up an area of land to become a film studio. Worth reading and certainly worth logging on to get regular updates. On pages 20 and 21 there’s lots of Community Centre news as groups start to make a return to meeting at the community centre. There’s bound to be even more in the next issue of Target.

A blast from the past on page 27 as photos have emerged from the 60s. Here is Pink Floyd taking to the field against Wooburn Narkovians Cricket Club. Was it really over 50 years ago?! Obituaries on page 32 include a tribute to Mo Hazael who was one of the founders of centreJazz. As well as the lovely Maureen Campbell who lived at Cores End and was an enthusiastic Rotarian.

Emmet and Stone’s new shop at Little Marlow is featured on page 34 along with information about their new shooting range. It seems it’s well worth a try whether you’re a sharp shooter or a learner. All the regular features including River Life and Past Times – a good issue that’s a great summer read.

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