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Shining Christmas Light for The Parade in Bourne End makes the headlines in this festive issue. Don’t miss out on the other front page snippets of festive fun especially the Christmas Greetings.













Sad news on page 3 as Keep Bourne End Green have lost their battle against development on Hollands Farm. But it’s followed by great keep fit messages on page 4 to keep our seniors in shape. Look out for an advertisement feature on page 7 all about the Wharf Lane development of apartments by Renaissance Homes. Another stage in the history of this location which has been part of Bourne End for over a hundred years.

Juan Askew is the hot chef featured in the community market page on page 10 along with details of the special Cards and Gifts shop being run each week by Sue and Tony. Then there’s two Take Your Target stories on page 12. Peace Garden and its 2020 poem can be found on page 13 with words that are appropriate for the present Covid-19 circumstances. In fact the dog story on page 14 is another local person’s thoughts on how they cope with lockdown.

Lovely Environmental Report on page 18 containing lots of good news which is so essential for everyone. More details of the Childrens Christmas Light are on page 19 with a close-up of the design and thanks to Bourne End WI. Page 21 cannot give details of Forum Players panto so they’ve looked back over the years and found pictures to challenge the memory. There’s wine to win as well if your memory gets close to the actual panto names and years.

Christmas Greetings are on page 30 just to say that ‘Christmas is coming and we have to enjoy it. Also a new year is ahead and we need to plan without worry’. Then on page 34 we are all encouraged to celebrate the season locally. River Life can be found on page 35 (for this issue) with Past Times on page 36. Local clubs and churches all look forward with hope. And there’s a Christmas Falcon Quiz on page 40 to challenge those ‘little grey cells’ on pantos and films.

The next issue of Target will be for the months of February and March 2021. A new year and towards spring – that’s got to be an inspiring thought for everyone. Enjoy this issue – have a good Christmas – and hope for 2021.

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