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The April/May issue of Target can be read online. Due to the Corona virus it is not being distributed. The on-line version is the same as would have been distributed containing all the articles, reports from local clubs and societies and adverts from local businesses.

There will be no issue of Target for June/July. We hope to be able to publish the August/September issue but that will be dependent on when the lock-down ends.












Please read and enjoy the uplifting stories of local people, their achievements and the events they organised during the early part of the year. Any mention of activities during April, and possibly May, will not take place. Our sympathy goes out to our loyal band of advertisers who follow government guidelines to stay safe.

Look out for news of Target as we go forward into April. A June/July issue is in the planning stage but there are no assurances. Our message is one of hope – hope to stay healthy and safe in the knowledge that our life will return to normal.

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