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Pictures on the front page offer smiley faces to set the scene for the summer. Then there’s library news and a stop press item to keep readers up-to-date with events. On page three the residents association strikes a serious note with news that their committee need volunteers to come forward and take over the running of the organisation.









A patriotic Take Your Target graces page nine as local ladies attend the Garter Day at Windsor Castle – with their copy of the magazine. Page 11 takes readers back to the Hedsor Gardens event with pictures of many of the special places that were open on that Sunday. Walking netball is featured on page 13 with pictures galore.

Details of Community Centre events feature on pages 19, 20 and 21. They include a special report on the AGM of the Angling Club and their award to a member for 55 years. Awards at the Junior Sports Club are on page 23 with news about their celebration of 50 years in 2020.

Wooburn Festival with its specialist artists features on page 24 while on page 25 there’s a picture of the new minibus for the day care centre and information about the sponsors – one was Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council. Then there’s pictures from the Open Day at the Centre on page 27.

Bourne End Academy features on page 34 with a message from headteacher, Ryan Williams, at the end of his first year. He described it as interesting. Then pictures from their Celebration of Academic Excellence and special awards for two young students courtesy of the Rotary Club of Bourne End and Cookham. Not forgetting pictures from the various fetes and fairs on pages 36 and 37.

All the usual features of course and a good read for the summer months.



target v55i4 201908

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