target 2019 Febnruary

Forum Players celebrated their 50th panto in 2019 and graced the front pages of Target along with a TV presenter and a walking fundraiser. Check out the new layout inside. An appeal on page 9 asks for volunteers to come forward and help in a variety of ways with the new cinema project at the Community Centre. The New Royalty Cinema has attracted sell-out audiences but has a variety of jobs that need to be done for a successful screening.






Marina Life is on page 6 with anecdotes about happenings on the river during its quiet season. Small Business Matters on page 7 gives advice on a range of issues for people in business.

Lots of pictures from a festive lunch which took place at Bourne End Academy just before Christmas are on page 14. Then on page 15 there’s a story and pictures from a show to introduce young talent to performing on a stage and with a live audience.

Community Centre News starts on page 19 with three pages of information about events taking place there. Regular cinema, talks, jazz and special events along with club reports are featured.

Junior Sports Club news is now on page 23 as they make plans for their 50th Anniversary in 2020. Anyone with memories and pictures are asked to get in touch with the sports club to share the past.


target 2019 February

The last charity sale took place at St Dunstan’s Church Hall and the last remaining supports wave farewell. Sad occasion for them all especially Kathleen Wood who remembers the early days and the inspiration behind the sales.

Useful telephone numbers move to page 2 to provide a page of information and contact details for readers. Bull’s Eye fulfilled its purpose for many years and is filed – maybe for an appropriate occasion.

Past Times on page 34 tells the story of the bells in St Paul’s Church at Wooburn and traces their history back over 150 years. Lots of information, reports and a calendar see Target into Volume 55 of publication.

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