BEBCA Logo 100The Community Centre re-opened on 12th April 2021. We welcome back all our centre users who have already returned and those who plan to over the coming weeks.

The office is only open part time and currently is only open a few hours each week. If you need to contact the office please email or phone (01628 522604) and leave a voice messsage. All hall booking confirmations are subject to government restrictions and guidelines at the date of hire. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

If you need to contact someone urgently please phone 01628 436127 between 09:00 and 17:00

The following are required by law:

  • Since 8th August 2020 it is a legal requirement to wear face protection when entering any Community Centre unless you have a legal exemption
  • Since 18th September 2020 it is a legal requirement for contact details to be recorded of everyone who enters any Community Centre. Details are as simple as your name and phone number. This is to assist with NHS Test and Trace so that you can be contacted in the event of a COVID-19 incident involving someone who was at the Centre at the same time as you. Details should be collected by your event/hirer organiser, the bar if you are visiting for a drink or the Centre office. Details will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed.
  • A NHS Test and Trace QR poster must be displayed for visitors to use. Paper recording of details is still available.


BEBCA Exterior Front

The Community Centre re-opened under Tier-2 restictions

We have taken the following measures in line with government guidance for the safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors to the Centre

  • Sanitisers in the foyers and in the rooms. There are notices at the entrances stating that sanitising your hands, or better still washing them for at least 20 seconds, is a requirement of entry to the building.
  • Notices in each of the rooms and toilets supporting Catch It, Kill It, Bin It
  • Perspex screens with gaps at the bottom for passing stuff have been installed at the office reception and along the bar servery. The screens are 1.5m long and 1m high. There are 3 additional screens available for hirers to use,  e.g. when people enter an event/meeting and they need to show a ticket.
  • We have a number of portable see-through vertical banners, 2m high, 1m wide available for hirers to use
  • Rooms are cleaned at the start of each day
  • Cleaning equipment (sanitising wipes, anti-bacterial spray, paper towels, optional plastic seat covers, rubber gloves) are in each of the rooms to enable sanitising as needed.
  • Entry to each room is normally via the main foyer and people leave via the fire exits. For events that may cause queuing into the May Woollerton Hall people may enter via the side door next to the Target Room (people will be advised by the event organiser either before you arrive or by signs outside the building).
  • Guidance requires that the risk of people mixing with those using another room is minimised. This is why the main foyer is not being used as an exit from the hired rooms.
  • Users of the May Woollerton Hall are using different toilets. The toilets in the main foyer have been designated as one person use only (all other toilets in the building have single person capacity anyway).
  • The corridor between the main foyer and the Eghams Room has been made one way as much as possible. It should only be used to move towards the foyer when no other route is available. Signs are displayed to warn people.
  • The kitchens are closed and locked. Anyone requiring refreshments will have to bring their own
  • Rooms which are not being hired are locked to prevent unplanned and unknown access
  • Hire sessions must finish on time and there is a 30min buffer between the end of one hire and the start of the next to enable sanitising.
  • Hirers are required to advise those attending not to arrive more than 10 minutes before the scheduled start. This is to minimise the risk of mixing with people attending other hires
  • Hirers are required to ensure that people at their meetings comply with social distancing guidance
    • Whilst in step 3 people may meet indoors in groups of up to 6 people from any number of households or in groups of any number of people from 2 households.
    • Each group must be a minimum of 2m from anyone else. If additional precautions are taken e.g. wearing of face covering or using a perspex screen the distance is reduced to 1m (called 1m+)
    • There can be multiple groups in a room so long as the groups social distance
  • Signs have been installed at the entrances
    • warning people not to enter in they have COVID-19 symptom(s) and that we reserve the right to take anyone's temperature and/or to refuse entry or require a person to leave
    • requiring people to wear face coverings unless legally exempt
    • requiring people to provide contact details for Test and Trace
  • Professional and non-professional performing arts events are permitted within the guidelines for the Performing Arts


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