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There are many events going on organised by the Community Association and taking place in the Community Centre

centreTalks 20171109 MarkLewisSorry you have missed this centreTalk. This talk explores how our colourful Christmas traditions and customs came into being and how they are celebrated.



20170914 centreTalks AbbeyRoad Crossing BeatlesSorry you have missed this centreTalk. Most people when they hear "Abbey Road" immediately think of The Beatles but the studios have been used by top artists ever since Edward Elgar made the first recording there in 1931.

20180208 SpiesLiesXXAgentsThis is a future centreTalk. During WW2 we captured every single German spy that was sent to Britain. This completely brilliant true story can now be told. But you will have to disengage your disbelief.


20170713 centreTalks Cookham 1852Sorry you have missed this centreTalk. Cookham and Maidenhead are separated by acres of National Trust commons. In the early 19th century there was quite a battle over ownership and rights and the implications are still with us today.

20170708 SImon Goodall and the Bourne Again Shadows thumbnailSorry you have missed this event. Get your tickets now as they are going fast for Simon Goodall and the Bourne Again Shadows at Bourne End Community Centre on Saturday 8th July.

"Simon’s the first person I’ve heard who I think actually sounds like me. It’s uncanny! When my manager played me the songs from Simon’s tribute album, I could have sworn Simon had sampled my vocals – you’ve done such a fantastic double......... Simon is without doubt the best "Cliff Soundalike" in the business" - Sir Cliff Richard

centreTalks 20170511 JohnLewisSorry you have missed this centreTalk. In May Judy Faraday will talk about the history of John Lewis. John Lewis is over 150 years old and is a well known retailer across the country. This talk will cover its growth and development covering the people, places and events which have led to its current size, employing over 90,000 people from Aberdeen to Saltash.

centreTalks 20170413 FlorenceNightingale thumbnail Sorry you have missed this centreTalk. April's centreTalk is by Paul Whittle and is about Florence Nightingale who as Paul will explain was much more than "The Lady with the Lamp".

centreTalks 20170309 handwriting Sorry you have missed this centreTalk. In March's centreTalk Elaine Quigley will talk about Graphology.

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