target v55i5 2019 October

Making light of a major job features on the front page as Wye Valley Volunteers switch portacabins for a modern version sited alongside the Community Centre. The smiling face of the new bar steward will be a familiar one to many readers.









New Peace Garden is the feature on page 4 as it graces the clock on Penny’s Corner. Crafty people can be seen on page 10 as they arrived for the annual Lace Day. Opposite there are some nostalgic pictures on what used to be Soho Mill.

Lots of people took their Target on holiday to places as far apart as Spain to Mexico. And then there’s space to show the new electric charging point in the Wakeman Road car park. Great news from Little Marlow Parish Council on page 17 as they announce the future security of Spade Oak Lake and Quarry.

Community Centre news across the middle pages with two films, talks and promises of a great motown evening and a panto from Forum Players. Then Bourne End Junior Sports Club set their sights on a 50th anniversary year in 2020. There’s a book looking back over five decades and plans for major events.

Pedr has completed his mammoth cycling challenge and is now in Australia. It has taken him 18 months through 35 countries covering 32,000 kilometres. Kingfishers is featured on page 27 as new owners have created a superb nursing home that is more like a hotel, or even a historic mansion.

Lots of other great stories from fundraising to exam success and breathing exercises in between. Don’t miss the sun-filled pictures from the Village Show on page 34. And please complete the survey from the Community Centre on pages 35 and 36.


target v55i5 2019 October

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